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    Coaching for ambitious women

  • You are a highly educated woman with the ambition to develop your full potential. You look for a professional coach with experience in large organisations. You are ready to challenge yourself and grow. To transform knowing into DOing.


    Welcome, you are at the right spot for:

    • An experienced and certified coach,
    • with academic background  
    • and experience in large organisations/business.

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  • My approach

    Goaloriented, with warmth, sharpness and humour

    Coaching is a resultsoriented way to realise your development goals. I help you clarify what you want to achieve. Then we start the work in a structured way.


    Warmth, Sharpness and humour

    My approach is warm and personal. I am a good listener and will give you room to express yourself. I have a sharp eye and ear for details that matter. When I function as a mirror, offering you a closer look at yourself, this may feel uneasy or even confrontational. Does this all sound a bit serious? Well, my coaching room is also a fun lab for experimenting. Humour brings lightness into the process, and I love it. So be prepared to have a laugh!

    A good start

    We will use the Inclusive Model to explore your problem. You discover 'blind spots' and identify beliefs that limit you. We get to the root of your problem and discover what it is really about. From there I help you formulate a clear coaching goal.

    Doing the work

    In a few sessions we get to work to achieve your goal. You bring your experiences to the table and I offer you interventions that help you to approach these situations in a different way. I use evidence-based methods and techniques.



    At the end of every session you draw your own plan for action: How are you going to put the things you learned into practice? You also write a 'reflection' after every session. This enhances your learning process.


    On track

    We evaluate regularly: Are you on track? Do I need to adjust my approach? We will also evaluate at the end of the coaching. Looking back at the steps you took and defining what you need for the future.


    Professional standards

    I am a member of NOBCO, the Dutch organisation for professional coaches. My work is fully aligned with their ethical code and professional standards for the Senior Practitioner level.


    Want to know more?

    In my blogs (in Dutch) I tell more about how I think and work. Feel free to call me and I will be happy to share some examples by phone: (+31) 6 15 18 08 82.

  • About Vera

    Empowering women to discover and realise their ambitions.

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    Warm and engaged, analytical and goal oriented. That is how others describe me. I am a well-trained coach with ample experience in organisations.



    As an HR-manager with an academic background, I worked for over twenty years in technical and international companies (Bosch, DAF, Coca-Cola). I led projects, teams and change. I guided employees and managers with issues regarding career, personal development and leadership. As a mother with a fulltime career I set clear priorities.


    Professional coach

    When I decided to fully focus on individual coaching I properly trained for it. After a two-year programme I obtained the diploma Coach Senior Practitioner (certified by NOBCO, the Dutch organisation for professional coaching). As an idenpendent coach I have now completed dozens of succesful coaching trajectories with professionals, managers and board members.



    Over the years I have become an expert in empowering women to discover and realise their ambitions. I understand the dynamics in male dominated organisations and how these can create specific challenges for women.

  • What others say

    "I made steps that I deemed 'impossible'. In my career and in my private life."

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    Vera takes people a step further

    Sietske Voets, director Procap

    "We selected Vera for the coaching of one of our colleagues, because she has in-depth knowledge of coaching. She is calm and able, and has an original way of asking questions. Our colleague now adds value to our organisation whilst being more satisfied with her work and having more confidence in the future. Vera truly takes people a step further."

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    Got to know myself

    Daphne Sijtsma, project leader

    "I struggled with the question '"Am I still in the right job?". With Vera I looked at my personal profile and the fit with certain jobs. She coached me in getting to know myself and how to communicate effectively in difficult situations. Thanks to her knowledge and guidance I now have a clear picture of what I look for in a job. And I know my pit-falls. I have found a great job, thank you Vera!"

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    From theory to practice

    Eri van de Laar, head of purchasing dept.

    "Vera has a great approach in coaching: she gave specific advice if I needed it and gave a lot of room to discover for myself what works and what does not. She knows the theories about influencing, communicating and leaderschip and can easily translate these into practical examples. Vera has helped to move my career forward. I made steps that I previously deemed 'impossible'. Not only in my career, but also in my private life."

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    Open personality with humour

    Fabian Dennard, HR-manager

    "Vera asks the right questions, so that I myself, or we together, could define an approach that would work for me. For work related issues ánd for my personal development. She always takes into consideration the bigger picture and/or the future. Vera communicates in a clear and personal way, with humour. She makes sure there is always a good follow-up. Vera has a nice and open personality and it is a pleasure to work with her."

  • Contact

    Contact me for a free intake, or if you have questions about how I work:

    Kattenbosch 76, 5243 Rosmalen (near 's Hertogenbosch)
    (+31) 6 15 18 08 82